Dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved

Dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved is a mod that adds dinosaurs into the game. There are currently 23 different species of dinosaurs with more to come!

Most dinosaurs spawn in specific regions of the island, but they can also be found around bodies of water or along the sides of mountains. Traveling through these areas is dangerous so it's best to either find them at night when they are sleeping or lure them with meat and bring them down.

To feed a dinosaur you will need to place the food into its inventory, using 1-9 to select the food and then pressing TAB to open its inventory. The Dino's hunger levels will decrease over time while it is not being fed so be sure to check up on it frequently or hunt for food so it doesn't starve.

Dino's will attack any player or creature that wanders into their line of sight, but once you're tamed they won't turn on you unless attacked first.

How to get taming food in ark

Taming food is obtained by hunting. Meat from smaller animals such as Dodo's, Parasaur's, Phiomia, or Lystrosaurus will only provide a tiny amount of taming food but higher level dinosaurs will give you a larger amount. The easiest way to get a large amount is to hunt a Rex because they always give you a full stack of 100 taming food.

If you want to avoid the meat drops from killing higher level dinos, or if it's off-season for their preferred foods, you can pick up the corpses of dead creatures around the island and place them in your Preserving Bin. The corpses will decay after 3 hours but this will give you plenty of time to get down to the beach and collect them.

What is Preserving Bin?

Preserving Bin allows you to decay corpses without having it impact on environment, this is very useful if you want to quickly collect lots of corpses but don't want them lingering around for days. It can also be used as an alternative taming technique. If you place the corpse of dino that you want to tame into your preserving bin then feed it raw meat, raw fish or jetpack kibble (for flyers), then after 3 hours there will be taming food in the bin. However this is not as effective as normal taming because it takes much longer, and never yields imprinting bonus.

How to get Raw Prime Meat in Ark

Raw prime meat can be obtained by hunting any level of rex or Giganotosaurus, but the easiest way to get lots of it is to hunt Quetzal because they always drop at least 1 and sometimes 2 pieces. If you tame a Quetzal (using berries) then you can also collect its eggs which will give Raw Prime Meat when hatched.

Raw Prime Meat (or any other type of meat) does not need to be fed to the dino directly, you can place the food into the Preserving Bin and it will slowly turn into taming food. You feed the Taming Food to your dino the same way as described above.

How to ride a dinosaur in Ark: Survival Evolved

Riding allows you to move faster and mount certain creatures, but you may need to dismount in certain situations. For example, if you are trying to shoot at creatures that fly then you will need to be standing on the ground, but if you are fighting something on the ground then it would be best to jump onto a nearby rock or ledge.

Taming dinosaurs can help you mount them while they are unconscious, but you still need to learn how to control them. The best way is to follow the dinosaur around until it becomes passive, this happens fairly quickly with most creatures. Once they are following you around they will not try to attack anything unless they are provoked first so be careful when moving near other creatures because you might accidentally start a fight.


Dinosaurs in Ark are very useful for hunting and gathering resources, they can also hold weapons or tools in their inventory so you can have them equipped when needed. They are strong enough to take on most creatures if you are riding one, but it's usually safer to have your own dino fighting by your side! If you tame a high level Rex then you can even use it as a mobile smithy or storage bin, to make your life much easier.


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